Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our little Girl is Growing Up

Being a parent is truly a blessing, although there are the times they get fighting mad at each other. Watching them grow up and make wise choices ( is our prayer every day).
You always wonder who they'll pick out for a girlfriend or boyfriend for B4! My wise Grandma Kooi, always told me to pray as a young teenager for my spouse! She said it is never too early to pray for him. I guess, B4 better get a praying!
Last night on the way to dance this was our conversation:

B4: Hey, mom I gotta boyfriend!

Me: Oh, is he in your class?

B4: No, we play catch at recess!

Me: Do you know his name?

B4: No, but I am his girlfriend!

Me: What is your Dad going to say?

B4: I don't know?

Me: I thought your Dad's girlfriend?

B4: I guess I gotta break up with him!

Today she informed me she was just "joking me"! Oh boy! What are we going to do! So sweet and innocent! Her daddos and brothers were not to excited to think of her liking boys already! Although after school she also said "I broke up with him"! I think she hears her brothers talk a bit too much!

Adoption News: Just talked to our SW, she said we are w a i t i n g for New Horizon's to get accepted in Liberia. Liberia has all the paper work from our agency, we just need prayers for our Agency to get the licence needed to bring children home, especially our little M! Trokon the man working with our agency was going to check on M today, so hopefully we can get a new picture to see how the nutrients and supplements are working out! We only heard his health is improving! Praise God!

I would love it for all those reading our blog, if you could say prayers for the paper work to be processed and accepted. That way we can inch a bit forward to bring home M!

Also please pray for all those in Haiti and other areas who have experienced the hurricanes.

Thanks for checking in and asking how M is doing!

God Bless you all!

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Carey said...

Hey, Tye is already engaged! :)

Praying for you and your little one...