Thursday, October 14, 2010

7 weeks....

Happy 7 Weeks together Brody!

I can hardly believe Brody is 7 weeks old today! I(our family) can not imagine life without him! Although we are still in the, "waiting period," since we have not got the signature of the man(birth father). We have learned the agency will be putting the add in the paper, to see if he will come forward and admit and sign! We are just waiting now for the judge to sign papers to terminate his rights!

This little Baby Boy, that God hand picked for our family, I look into to his amazing eyes and I see a little miracle. His bright eyes, hazey blue/brown eyes, a fuzzy curl on the top of his head, his rolls on his legs, long fingers, and his sweet, kissable cheeks....Brody is our son, brother, grandchild and nephew. A child of God! Thank you Lord! Brody is starting to recognize our voices and faces. His smile lights up the room, and he is so close to cooing! He is a mover and is so strong. Did I mention how cute he is! Brody is so handsome!

I received a text last night from Ms. R. Her strength and love for our family is such a blessing! She has to ask how Brody and all of us are. What we have been doing, how football games are going, and how Grandpaw is! Ms. R never had a Grandpaw, so meeting my Dad was so good for her to see how a love of a Grandpaw is. Ms. R is a blessing, I never thought I would be able to talk/text to her after the baby was born. Yet, God had another plan!

This adoption experience was one of the best/heart breaking experiences I have had in my life!Life is not fair, and we know God has a reason for all circumstances.

Waiting for Marcus is still a struggle, but we are so thankful that Marcus has a "family" in the Orphanage! Marcus does not realize what is beyond the Orphanage! Still that bothers me to think, he would have so much more here, but now he is still receiving tons of prayers! I am not sure what is going on over there with our case, if anything. God is working and there has been some progress of children getting their cases moved and united with their forever family's! It would just be so reassuring to know that our case will continue and that with in the year Marcus will be with us, and our family will be complete! :)

When we started the process and told family about the possibility of our family adopting we where questioned,
"do you realize what you are doing?"
"You have 4 beautiful Children, why would you want more?"

Now seeing those people who have said this to us, and seeing their love for Brody is so worth all the questions.
Mark and I knew God had a plan for our family, and to see our family bond and love Brody is such a blessing! God has taught us all something and we are still learning!
Loving others, loving strangers, loving each other, loving God's will, leaning on others, asking for help, reaching out and asking for prayers!
"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." Matthew 5:7

Brody sleeping on big brother Beau!

Brody spending time with Brynn and Bradyn before the bus comes!

Beau holding Brody after the game!

"For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding."Colossians 1:9

Our First Family Picture

Yesterday was my birthday, and we had a funeral for Mark's Uncle who passed away suddenly from a heart attack, he was only 57! Family is so important, make sure you tell others how much you love them. Mark and I got back from the funeral and my 2 good friends where at our house, cleaned my kitchen up for me and had birthday cake!! Took a nap with Brody! Than when the guys where home from football, we went out for a spaghetti dinner at the Fruited Plan in SCenter. It was wonderful.

I have been so blessed this past year! Family, Friends and God's love for Me, and answered prayers...Brody Josiah!

Many Blessings to All of You!

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