Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have been blessed with 3 younger sisters...Oh we have had lots of fun, tons of arguments,
times of sticking up for another, laughter, and tears!
Julie and I are 10 years apart! I always thought maybe we would have babies together.
God is Julie and Jacoby , Me and Brody
Lord willing in April: my sister Kari and ?
Checking each other out!
So cute how Jacoby studies Brody!
Julie and Jacoby This picture turned out so cute!
Grandma Linda and the Boys!

Monday my Mom and 2 of her sisters had a little lunch get together for the Great Aunts to meet the new babies! Julie came with Jacoby, as well as others cousins and babies. Here is a picture of my Mom, Aunt Grada holding Brody, Aunt Alida and cousin Marsha! Aunt Grada is so much like my Grandma! Both Aunt Alida and Aunt Grada where so supportive of our adoption process. Before I left for Mississippi the 2nd time Aunt Grada called and she shared how even though I was traveling alone until Mark drove, she reminded me that I was never alone that God was with me every moment of each day! I praise God for my Mom, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins and Nieces!
How good and pleasant it is to live in together in brotherly(sisterly) love~
Psalm 133: 1

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Carey said...

Special wonderful times! It was great to get to see Brody in person the other night. What a sweetie! You are blessed!