Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brody..4 Weeks Old

This past week included:
-chasing our horse Joe, who decided to some how manage to get the electric fence down, and go for a little a trot!! Well the trot took about 3 hours of chasing, trying to stop him from going into the corn field. UGH! Benjamin stayed over by a friend, and by the time we found Joe, and cornered him, Benjamin called his name and here Joe stopped and Benjamin walked up to him and caught him!!

Went to 3 football games....

Here is Benjamin #54.... Benjamin has been dizzy for a couple weeks, and Mark just took him to the DR, and he has a slight he will skip his next game!
Bradyn #51....
Beau #68.....

Brody is 4 weeks old!! He is still getting up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours a night for a bottle! I have the best husband to help and take a shift! Usually around 4 it is a cup of coffee for Mark, and a bottle for Brody and ESPN!
We have come to the 30 days, and we pray that Ms. Danita our SW in MS will get in contact with the fella who helped bring our amazing little miracle into our life to and try to get him to sign. Most likely he will not sign, and let the paper work go to court to terminate his rights. So, Lord willing in 10 - 15 days we should know more!
Last night I talked to Ms. R, and she sounds great! She has found a job, and has another interview to a full time job! I never thought I could have a relationship with a Birth Mom.
I have to fully admit, I am not sure what is better,
Closed adoption, not knowing where or how your precious gift came into this world.
Semi-open, which ours will be like since we will be going through our agency in MS, for cards, pictures, and gifts.
Open, where you are close and will be occasionally.

At the beginning of Ms. R and us, she told us she wanted no contact after the baby was born. Being in the hospital and texts over the last 6 months, our relationship is more friends. I admire Ms. R strength, love and courage she has for our little man! My family is/has really questioned the contact, being a a mom, I can not imagine not knowing how the life I brought into this world is doing, and I have peace about Ms. R getting updates, and hearing about this beautiful little boy we have come to love!!
I have a stack of pictures to send south. Ms. R just giggles when she hears about how much love Brody is getting, and "how spoiled" he is with all the beautiful gifts he has received! I am not sure if we will ever meet again, or how long we will keep in contact. I have a feeling that in time, our communication will become less. It was over a week that we went with out contact! God is healing her heart!! I continue to pray that God will fill her heart and that she kind find the the true love that God can only provide!

We are getting in a good schedule, Mark put Brynn to bed, and Brody helped out!

I know a few family's who are waiting, and we still are praying for a special little man in Liberia!!
Many Blessing's to you all!
"Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us." Psalm 62:8

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Carey said...

Don't know how you're doing it all, girl! But what a sweet family you have. Praying for a miracle and he signs the papers, so you can breathe a sigh of releif. God Bless! Enjoy that beautiful little bundle.