Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Glimpse of Hope!!!

Mark & I are getting a glimpse of hope......we are not trying to get to excited, just hopeful!
Our Director is back from Liberia! :) She met Marcus! She said he is very sweet, and very quiet! When/if he does come home, the poor child is going to be surprised how much his brothers and sister talk! He loved our little cars we sent! What 3 year old boy don't like match box cars!! She has pictures! We are SO excited to see them.

We have heard some rumblings about some good things that are starting to happen!
Praise God!

Here is a post from Angel Rutledge's blog:

This is one amazing woman!! God has been working in her heart for the children of Liberia!! Thanks Angel!!

Please pray for the following!

Symposium on the Children's Bill
An important working symposium on the Children's Bill will be held in Liberia in two weeks on November 13-14, and it's important that as many people as possible pray for the event
.I am extremely excited that it has been planned and will involve primarily Liberians who are concerned that the laws and policies of their country are shaped to protect the best interests of their children.Here is part of the text from an invitation I received for the event:Sponsored by: The Foundation for Human Rights (FOHRD)The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) and The Child Protection Alliance of Liberia (CPAL) Co-Sponsored by: The Liberia Council of Churches, National Muslim Council of Liberia, Liberia Democratic Institute – (LDI), Female Lawyers Association of Liberia – (AFLL) In Association with: Adoption Services Providers; Child Advocacy International; National Union of Liberian Orphanages and Children Welfare Institute; Children Assistance Program; Mano River Women Network for Peace; Liberian Girls Guide Association; Boy Scouts of Liberia; Liberia National Student Union; Varsity Christian Fellowship; Christian Health Association of Liberia; Young Men’s Christian Association; Young Women’s Christian Association.The symposium is a two day interactive roundtable discussion intended to discuss and dialogue on the Liberian Children’s Bill. Principally, the symposium will aim at ensuring that the evolving Children’s Law serves the best interest of the Liberian child. The event will bring together, legislators, policymakers, child rights advocates, Supreme Court Justices, religious leaders, parents and children services providers mainly for the purpose of: a) critically reviewing the draft children bill; b) providing advice to legislators on the rethinking and rewording of specific aspects of the bill that may not be in the best interest of the Liberian child; and c) adopting concrete action programs that will facilitate the scrupulous implementation of the bill when it is passed into law.Speakers at the symposium will share insights and experiences as well as address the most pressing challenges facing the Liberian Child. Following the deliberations, participants will convene in group sessions and work out recommendations and suggestions to strengthen the children’s Bill and educate and advice legislators on the thinking of a broad spectrum of the Liberian society regarding the draft bill.

I do know that many people who are influential in what happens to children in Liberia will be in attendance. A piece of the discussion will involve adoptions as it is part of the Children's Bill. The hope is that by the end of the symposium a much stronger version of the bill will be ready for Liberian legislators to vote on when they reconvene in January.As with every attempt to improve care for Liberian children, there has been and will continue to be a lot of spiritual warfare going on surrounding the planning and carrying out of this event. If any of you would like to coordinate group pray efforts, it would be a great way to fight for the children.


Carey said...

Just before I opened your blog I prayed, Lord, let there be good news! And here it is, a glimpse of hope. Excited and praying for more in the days to come!

ManyBlessings said...

Oh wow!!! A little hope is better than no hope!!! :) Continuing to pray. Like Carey, I always pray that when I open your blog there will be that glimmer of hope for you guys!