Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Our waiting.....waiting for Liberia to get a moving and reopen adoptions, or at least the ones that have been processed!
Waiting, just waiting, and asking ourselves is this really going to happen? Is Marcus going to be too old to come to live with us?
We continue to pray(a lot), look at his pictures, and every once in awhile we get asked, "Are you still going through with Marcus' adoption?". "What do you hear about the country reopening, when is this going to happen?"
Sometimes the question catches you off guard, and you are reminded of the sweet little boy you have placed in the back of your heart!
How do you let go of a dream, that God planted in our soul and our hearts?
We continue to lean on God's timing. I just wish, we had a little bit of a hope that Liberia is working....working on the laws.
Our Agency director is in Liberia. Praying that she writes us and tells us how Marcus' health, life, school, what did he think of our package, did he say anything about the book we put together with all the pictures and if he has any needs. It would be so wonderful to see a smile on his face. Maybe tomorrow we will get an email, but I am not planning on it.
I see pictures and hear of children needing homes, and we are praying God shows us the way. I am so glad we can just leave it at the feet of Jesus and He will take care of Marcus. In fact, that is all we can do. I have written letters to Senators, (Hilary...did you forget to talk to the President Sirleaf about this situation?), Congressman, anyone who can help us families waiting.
Well enough of my poor me, time for bed.
Tomorrow I get to go with Bradyn's class to the Symphony.
I am so thankful we are all "healthy" here!! It was a crazy 3 weeks of coughs, fever, sore throats, head aches, and ear aches. We have so much to be Thankful for!
God Bless You All!
Check out this awesome day we can spend together... praying for those who need a home!
This is going to be just awesome!!
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Carey said...

Waiting is so hard!!! When the future is unknown it can be so hard!! Keep holding tight to our Savior!!

Miss chatting with you at dance! It will be good to see you on Orphan Sunday (or sooner!).

Heits said...

Waiting is so hard. I so admire your positive attitude and your trust in the Lord.

Thanks for posting about Orphan Sunday. We will see you there.