Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Morning Prayer....

A great morning devotional for you all! Check it out!

Thursday, wow, here we for Ben tonight, (it is raining..wonder if they will play(it is homecoming this week-will they take a chance of messing with the football field?).
Beau homecoming football game Friday Night! Go NIGHTHAWKS!
Bradyn football game on Saturday.
Having a "Bachelorette Party" Saturday night for my little sister! I am excited to meet her friends! Having dinner, and an hour shower! Should be a lot of fun! I can't wait to see (and taste) the cake! The decorator is very talented and I wanted it to be a nice/pretty cake. (We are just getting to old for the typical bachelorette cake!) Decided to have it at a hotel, being us sisters live an hour away from her friends, this was the best option. Maybe Mark will come up with the kids! The hotel has a wonderful little water park inside!

Better get a moving to Bible Study!

Praying constantly for God to OPEN the doors in Liberia!! The boys are joking around the Marcus will be Junior High when he makes it home!

Continuing to pray for those who really need God's hand to hold them in trials of life!
Mark's Uncle Kenny's bladder cancer is back! Please pray for this wonderful, kind, God fearing man! There is not enough words/to tell you how much of an impact Kenny has on others! Kenny is also the Grandfather to The VV family!

Have a blessed day!

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