Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hopes & Dreams

Just wanted to share this cute picture Brynn made at school!
As a family waiting for Liberia to reopen, we have not the slightest clue, when this will happen.
Sometime you think is this a dream? Is there really this cute little boy waiting for us? I see his bedroom waiting, with the bed made, clothes in bags, winter coat hanging up, Thomas the Train set sitting on the dresser from Marcus' 2nd Birthday, not to mention all the stuff we quickly bought in January to prepare for our trip! It is there, and we are not going to give up on him! Brynn always prays for her "brother in Liberia", so sweet! One night she forgot to pray for him before dinner, and all of a sudden, "When is my brother ever coming home"? You get so busy you set the thought in the back of your brain. Than your reminded of your sweet little boy when your sweet kindergartner comes home with a picture like this.
As we continue to press forward, we pray for God's direction. Today I started a new Bible Study, a Beth Moore one. Esther...It's Tough Being a Woman! I studied Esther in Coffee Break, and it was awesome. Here is some great stuff just during the introduction.
Ephesians 1:11 Even when we're blind to the evidence, God works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will!
WOW, What a awesome reminder!
Coincidences are Miracles God intended to remain anonymous.
Another great saying! I never thought of it that way!
I am praising God for the blessing of adoption for a family in our area for the birth of a Baby Girl!
God has been so good!
Today I seen a group of ladies from Katelyn's Fund, at our local Bakery, so good to see the blessing of all the children that are home!
This journey is crazy we are on, praying that soon our answers will be answered, and God will continue to shine bright in our household!!
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Carey said...

Praying for your family, and for Marcus, Kristi!! Stop by and visit sometime. Would love to catch up!

Greta Grond said...

That picture is precious. Hope Brynn's brother gets here soon!

Jim, DeAnn, and Daniel said...

Awesome picture Brynn!!! Waiting is hard, just remember there are lots of people praying for Marcus to come home-SOON!! I'm jealous of the Beth Moore Bible study!! I love her studies-very in-depth and thought provoking! Always good for the soul.

Duane and Karen said...

Esther was the last study I did! Just hold was the BEST study as you wait for Marcus. It is so powerful. We are getting ready to start our new study next week...I can't remember the actual name, but it is another Beth Moore study on Paul...another challenging study!

Oh, and wait until you are done with your study and then watch the movie "One Night with the King", it is the icing on the cake!