Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Day of School!

Wow, it has been over 16 years that I have been "Home Alone" all day! Last year Brynn did TK!
Brynn was so excited!! She had to sleep on the couch, because of her nervous tummy, she woke up at 11:00 thinking it was time for school!

We had Open House last night, we went to school met the teacher, put our school supplies in our desk!

Here is Brynn's teacher and friend Lacy! Lacy's Dad is a classmate of Mark! Oh, I hope and pray these 2 behave better than their Dad's!
I am so surprise the boys did not want a picture with their teachers? :0

Here we are all ready for school! Of course Beau
had to drive himself, and the other 3 took the bus!
It is crazy to think, a Jr in High school, 8th Grader, 6th Grader and Kindergarten!
Mark and I are so lucky to be able to attend every school program offered! Elementary, Middle, JR High, and SR High!
Bradyn, Brynn, Beau and Benjamin
Bradyn and Brynn getting closer to the bus, Benjamin is always right behind!'
Well I better go check if the puppy went to the potty outside. Oh this was such a good idea at the time! But she is really cute!
Prayer Requests:
The Post' family in our church, who has had so much in the past year, had a motorcycle accident on the way to Missouri, Fonda is being transferred around noon to a near by hospital from St Joseph, MO. Please pray for the ride to go smoothly! It is a long ride, and with so many injuries. I can't imagine how painful this ride could be. Friends (who where with at the time)and their daughter are driving up to drive Warren back home. Pray for healing and the Dr's direction on the surgries needed for Fonda! Please also remember the couple who where with during the accident, it is so hard to see and help those who you love.
Our Adoption Agency: we put some questions in about everything that is not happening/happening. There just seems there are no answers concerning Liberia!
Our agency is planning a trip to Liberia in October.
Psalm 29:11The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.
It is hard to get these all to line up! :( Trying to find a background that pulls up quicker! Sorry for the changes!

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