Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend of Blessing's!

With a 16 year old in the house, Mark had the idea to have Beau take the kids to find Mother's Day gifts for me. I was so impressed with what they all had bought! I think I got the best kids ever. Mark is pretty wonderful also! :)

Sunday was a special day because I got special gifts for Mother's Day, we celebrated Beau's and Kassidy's (cousin) profession of faith publicly at church! (We baptized Beau 16 years ago on Mother's Day! :) Our church had 4 profession of faith in the morning service. Brynn and Bradyn sang with the children's choir. It was a perfect morning for Mom! :) It was so nice to have my parents, sisters and their families in church with us.
We celebrated at the park with Beau and Kassidy! It was a chilly but sunny day. Having family and friends there made the day extra special.

Tonight we got Brynn's dance picture back! She is growing up!
After dance we had our home study updated! Thanks Heidi!

Our agency director called(right when Heidi stepped into the house) and answered some questions regarding Liberia. We have asked the same questions since Nov. and would love to have these simple questions answered! It is sad, that nobody has any inclination when they are going to reopen. :( Our concern is, what if this all falls through? What if Marcus' birth Mom changes her mind during this transition? We can't imagine what she goes through every day. We need your prayers not only for us, for his birth Mom, and the Liberian Gov't! Our family has been on hold, and it would be so wonderful to know something!

Have a wonderful week, and may God Bless you all!

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