Monday, April 27, 2009

3 months and 15 years!

Today marks the 3 month mark of waiting for adoption to reopen in Liberia! I knew in my heart it wouldn't open up before this day. President Sirleaf has been in been in the United States. Our hearts are wondering, knowing this is all in God's hands to when it reopens. There is a family blog I follow, with a great amount of information regarding Liberia.

There is a great article if you click on it. Please take time to scroll down and listen to a video post on here also.

This family just got back from Liberia so long ago.

Today is Mark's anniversary from his accident 15 years ago! I am so thankful God spared his life! When I think back to that windy, gloomy day, I can't imagine what that day would turn out to be. God was so with us, and not a day goes by that I am reminded to "kiss your husband good-bye, you never know it could be your last" was what my Grandma always told me!

Little did I know, that was did exactly happen! I went shopping with my sister who was in college, and thought Beau (1 years old) and I would walk Kari to the dorm room to help carry boxes would I receive a message that would change our lives forever! Not until I seen Mark in the ER before surgery. To hear about the damage he had from the cement rake going through his body! Would those valuable words Grandma would repeat to me over and over again!

God walked us through that time of our life and He is still here walking us through this part.

Prayer Requests:

Those waiting for the phone to ring!!!
Church families:
We have 2 families in waiting for domestic adoptions! :)
Families who are finishing up their Foster Care classes so they can foster to adopt in our church! :0

A couple of families in Katelyn's Fund waiting for referrals from Ethiopia!

A Family that has been waiting for years to bring home children from Guatemala!

Friends who are moving a couple hours south! We will miss you!

Families, Marriages and Children!

Liberia to reopen the doors!!!

Thanks for checking in!

Psalm 33:4
For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.

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