Saturday, April 18, 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman~Micheal W Smith

Last night, Bradyn and myself had the chance to go see Steven Curtis Chapman and Micheal W Smith in concert! Mark had scheduled family visitation with some families at church, Bradyn was the lucky recipient!
We started off eating at Famous Dave's, and than went to the Orpheum Theatre!

The United Tour!
If you have a chance to go, it was worth every cent!

I have seen Steven in concert, and Micheal at Life Light, but last night
was simply amazing! WOW! It was just so awesome to see 2 great christian music artist sing together, Blessed Be Your Name, with the crowd on their feet all singing and praising God. Hear how God has impacted them and their families! It was fun to see Geoff Moore sing with them. I seen him sing at Rocky Mountain High when we were Youth Sponsors! Steven shared his love for adoption, and what they're family had all experienced with the home going of Maria! Geoff also shared how he and his wife are blessed with 2 adopted daughters. James Dobson has some great cd's I received, with interviews with Steven. He shared some of the same things. It was also so cool to see his oldest son sharing his talents on the guitar.

It was such a blessing to see how these "Friend's" sing each others songs and have so much fun! To see so many other adoptive families there, was the best part!

This week we are starting to get close to the 3 month mark, of waiting for Liberia to reopen! Please continue to pray for all the children of the world who are in need of families, food and love! Most of all God's Love!
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Duane and Karen said...

They were 3 hrs away from us on a school night...I wanted to go so bad!!! But just couldn't make it seems the kids run our schedules & activities these days.
I'm glad to see all the pictures & hear about it!

Jim, DeAnn, and Daniel said...

I am SO jealous!! LOL :)
I would have loved to have gone, but our lives have sure changed with an infant around, lol. We continue to pray for your and your family, that Marcus may come home very soon!!!