Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Our Family does not take your typical summer vacation. With Mark's line of work, we vacation when the weather turns cold!

This year there are 33 of us! What a blessing to spend time together! In all it is a blast!
We all have our own place to hang out, when we get over whelmed with eachother :) we can spend time in the house, and to sleep at night! Usually we eat at night where ever with who ever. It really amazes me how we all get along!

The weather has been fantastic! No rain, and in the 70's!! Here are some pictures!!

Going on Vacation is hard work!

Spending time with cousins is the best!

Riding on a scooter with Dad!

Pedicures are a must!

Volleyball on the Beach!

Silly Girls!

Swimming in the ocean!

Spending time with Kinz!

Finding Shells!

Praying on the Beach!

We received an email yesterday about traveling!!! Most likely God willing, we will be making arrangements in the next weeks!!!
Thanks for checking in! After spending time in Florida I wonder why do we live in Iowa???


ManyBlessings said...

Ok, first of all, I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS of your beach pictures!!! :)

Second, CONGRATULATIONS on being SO CLOSE to traveling now!!! Are you ready??? Or are you panicking? :D


Carey said...

As for your last I look out my window...I don't know either!!

Looks like you had a GREAT time on vacation. Wonderful pictures. That's so great that you're close to traveling!!! Can't wait to catch up a bit at dance.