Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing all You a Happy New Year!

Nothing to report on the adoption front!

This Christmas Vacation is the best!

Have a terrific Day, I know we will! :)

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team gesink said...

Kris, hope you are having a great vacation in Florida! We are leaving today for our cruise down there too! I put the CD I made for you in your mailbox at church. The first song is the one I was telling you about, it is by Ally Rogers and she wrote it after she left an orphanage in Haiti. She showed the video for it at Rocky Mountain High and it made me think of you and your journey with getting Marcus. It talks about a visit to an orphanage and how one of the little girls wrote her name on Ally's hand so she would remember it, then Ally didn't want to wash her hands because the little girl was so special to her and she wished she could take her with her. The name of the song is Don't wash your hands of is so neat. What was really cool at Rocky was Ally had teens come up on stage and hold up their hands with names written on them for the audience to see. Ask Beau about it, it is kinda hard to explain, maybe you could find the video for it on Utube! Let me know what you think of it!