Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do We or Don't We?

What a beautiful Sunday we had with our family! You guessed it, we are not sitting at home yet, we are still in sunny Florida!
Mark and I made a quick trip to Orlando to see Mickey and all the characters! Had a terrific day, even we had to wait over an hour for splash mountain!
Tomorrow we are calling Missy at the Travel Agency and checking into flights! The only question we have is do we take Beau or don't we take Beau??? We need to stay in Liberia for 10 days, and that is at least 5 days of school, not to count traveling days! We will keep praying and see where God leads us! I know Beau will learn more in Liberia than sitting in class, but every day over 5 days is an hour of detention! I have talked to our Principal and she is pretty stern on the hours of dt. I also talked to our superintendent about the situation. Beau has had all the shots, passports, and visa.
We will see about the travel arrangements in the morning!

It is starting to be so real to us! We are really going to get this little boy home soon!


ManyBlessings said...


If you don't, you will always wonder if you should have. But if you do, although he will have a lot of detention, you will still never regret it.

We have never, ever regretted taking our kids. It impacted them so heavily, that when I went back to Guate just recently, Ashtyn paid for half her ticket so that she could go again. It is that life changing for them.



Ryan, Heidi, Aniah,and Eden said...

YAY!! It's getting closer!! YIPPEE Have a GREAT rest of the time in Florida!! Enjoy the warmth!

Heather said...

I will completely echo what Dawn said - take him. Especially if your ONLY reason for not taking him is the detention factor (which I think is crazy of the school, by the way!). ;)

We took our 9-year-old along thinking that it would be so beneficial for him, life-changing and eye-opening and all of that. Praise God, it did impact him in an unparalleled way, but beyond that, we saw God's providence in moving us to take him along b/c the first day Jett wanted nothing to do with us and everything to do with Ty. Ty bridged the initial attachment gap between our little man and us. When Jett saw Ty trusting us, depending on us, even snuggling with us, he decided to get in on that too. :) It was an unexpected blessing -- truly God's provision for us.

I'm SO excited for you, Kristi!