Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We are home from vacation! We left sunny Florida with a nice little thunder shower and a balmy 76 degrees to a frigid 12 degrees.

What a fantastic time we all had.

We did para sailing, go carting(guys), fishing(guys), laying out on the beach, playing sand volleyball, eating ice cream on the beach, breakfast on the beach, Magic Kingdom, eating out, riding scooters, swimming, and talking and catching up.

We went to Busch Gardens the other day and to our surprise we saw a cousin who lives in Tampa! It is so much fun visiting with Melissa and her little ones.

Here is the whole gang,

We are most likely going to have to have Beau pass on going along. We decided he would sit detention, but Show Choir is more of an honor to be part of. Unless something happens in the next week, he is going to stay back. :(

We are now in preparing for Liberia, arranging airline tickets, talking to our SW, getting the proper paper work along, situating the kids at home, taking donations along for the orphanage, packing snacks, and taking meds along.
We praise God for hearts that have softened!
We are all so excited to get Marcus home. Yet, my heart breaks for the ones he has to say good bye too!
Thanks for checking in, and we will let you know what day we fly out!

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vanvoorst said...

What a great family picture! We loved the video tonight and we haven't stop talking about your little guy. He is soooo cute! We can't wait to hear your official travel date. Let me know if you need donations. Take good care.