Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Hope and pray this little note brings much warmth, and Christmas Cheer to you and your family! Can you believe it is Christmas this week! 2 days left of school, Christmas Programs, Christmas dinner, and vacation starts Friday!! I can already feel the warm sun!!

Here is what we have been up too:

This is the gift Pastor Aaron, Nick and Troy took back from Trokon for our Family!

Our family is trying to be so patient waiting for a video of Marcus from
Pastor Aaron! Whoa, I pray we have it before we leave on vacation, and we can share it with my Family on Christmas Day!

What a whirl wind of a weekend!

Thursday night we had the business Christmas Party at Foley's in Sioux Falls. Had a terrific meal, and talking and seeing the spouse's of the guys.

Friday am, I woke to the buzzing of my cell phone, with a text 2 hour late start for school. I thought, "sleep in! Yes!!" Only to open my eyes to 8 inches of fresh snow! School eventually got called off, so that meant a 3 day weekend for the kids.

Mark and I had a funeral mid morning for his cousin who lost her battle to Huntington's disease.
We had made arrangements to meet a young lady for lunch, who happens to attend my Aunts church. Joni works for Samaritan's Purse, in you guessed it,....Liberia!

Check out her blog,

What an amazing young lady who lives her life every day for the Lord! It just so happens she lives at the same place where Pastor Aaron and his team stayed! Wow, small world! Joni said on her way home to (Iowa) she noticed Mother Wleh's orphanage! Sure enough-2-3 miles away from where she lives! Mark and I learned so much from her. God is just amazing in our journey! We talked about what to do, not to do, what to expect, what to bring, what to say and where we could possible stay! A year ago, I would have never thought or even prayed for this to happen! Joni leaves here shortly to continue her work in Liberia!! FYI...we know someone in Liberia from home!! (Thanks for arranging Carey!) God is so good! God Bless You Joni!

The wind set in Friday night, and blizzard conditions!

I had to go to town for some fresh bread and to see what it was really like outside! This is a picture of our house from a mile away. The trees up on the far left side!

We have huge drifts in the back yard, but it is below
zero, not to mention the wind chills.

Here is a picture of our swing set! It is going to take awhile to find the pool under all the snow!

We were suppose to have our Church Christmas Program tonight, but it is called off until Christmas Eve because of the cold temps and the gravel roads are plugged shut!

We already have a late start in the morning! :) I love late starts! We can take our time getting ready, everyone usually looks good, smells better and tummy's full!

I challenge you all this week, to think back to the day, when a baby was born~ as I anticipate all the programs, preparing the house for my family, packing for vacation to sit back and think about what this week is really all about! ~The birth of Jesus Christ! ~ God's gift to us, we are so blessed everyday to have this beautiful gift with us all the time!

I keep thinking of a little boy in Liberia, who is spending his last Christmas in a warm homeland, with his only family he has ever known, part of me hurts for his loss he will experience, but reminded of the great joy we can share with him here! Jesus Christ and a family who is so excited and impatient to get him home! Maybe you have someone who is also waiting, I know I have met some wonderful families who also are looking for the day to bring their children home!

Merry Christmas, may God Bless you all!

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Carey said...

Praise the Lord! I would have never imagined Joni was working so close to your Marcus. God is so good to bless you this way. wow!

vanvoorst said...

I like the new picture on the top of your blog. Can't wait to hear your travel news - hope it's soon. I also hope you're able to get video of Marcus toon. Take good care and have a lovely vacation!