Monday, December 22, 2008

DVD and Brrrrr

We received so much snow this weekend, and it is snowing again, and blowing!

Mark moving snow off the drive way!

Brynn had a Polar Express Day at school today and had to wear her jammies! Thank goodness I have a couple pairs of tights to wear under her pants! We bought Bruno (Benjamin's dog) a coat for the cold weather, which he kind of likes to wear. (Strange Dog)

Brynn and Bruno

Had a JR and SR High School concert tonight! It was not nice coming home with the blowing
snow, the visibility was awful! So thankful for our warm house!

Bradyn, Brynn and Benjamin

Guess what we seen for the first time tonight! A DVD of a beautiful little boy who lives in an orphanage in Liberia! God hand picked this sweet little boy to be a part of our family! I can't wait to show my Parents and my Sisters! Thank You Pastor Aaron and Nick!
We got to see where the children sleep and interview with Mother Wleh, and Marcus walking for a quick second, and even a smile! God is so GOOD!

Tomorrow is a shortened day before the Christmas Break, whoo hoo out 40 minutes early! Why in the world don't they keep the children all day or let them out early, like 11:30?? Guess that is why I am not in the education department!

Sending Christmas Wishes to you All!

If I can get this centered I will go to bed happy, if not I gave up and went to bed!

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