Friday, November 28, 2008

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree!

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving Day is gone, and now time to get Christmas decorations out! We have been using an artificial for the last few years. So much easier, but today was the perfect day to go out and cut one down!

Didn't get much sleep last night, Beau had his 2 cousins over night, and a friend. About 12:30 I heard a door open and looked out and seen 4 boys standing on the pool. Lucky for them it was froze, and even jumping on the ice didn't move!
They had a great night! Oh to be a sophomore in High School!
Than after feeding the boys, we headed to T&S Nursery to cut down the best tree! I told them we are not picking the biggest, one this year! The boys drank a lot of cider before and after.

Here are some fun pictures! I really think the weather is going to change as silly as the kids were today!
The smell in the house now is amazing!!

On the way home, I just had to get more groceries in the house, we stopped at Wal Mart and got a phone call from Lisa (her husband is in Liberia), she had just talked to her husband! Today they met....Marcus! I am not sure if they took pictures, or video. I guess he is very small, and is sick with malaria and the trots. We really don't know much, just that Marcus is very sweet! We tried to call cell phones over there to find out more info but the lines were busy!

You can tell, how much help the boys were to eachother! :)
WE have a huge prayer request, PLEASE pray that tomorrow Trokon gets in contact with the Men who visited Marcus today! That they can go see Marcus together! WE are getting so close!! Our prayer is for all those who are impacting this little boys life.

Tonight it was great to have dinner at the Pizza Ranch with my best~est friend Laura! It is a tradition to eat pizza with her family on Friday night after Thanksgiving! Friendships are so important, she may live in Pella, but it seems she still lives in my back yard! It was so much fun spending time with her girls and my boys! Brynn had tons of fun with Laura's niece!

Sunday night we are so excited to have Katelyn's Fund do a small presentation at our church! Please come and worship with us!!! Katelyn's Fund is a wonderful support group for us as well as many other families!

Thanks for checking in and may God Bless You All!


ManyBlessings said...

It was good talking to you today! Praying for your little guy over here!!

Carey said...

Great picutures! We're hoping to go to the same place and get our tree today!

Praying for Marcus and for God's timing.