Thursday, November 20, 2008

And Their Off to Liberia

Mark and I are so excited for a church group going to Liberia to do Mission work!
I have been collecting some items for Marcus, so I had to decide what to send. A couple Christmas books, a red Christmas shirt, toothbrush, a photo album, shorts, tshirt, 75 balloons, Lightening McQueen car, a small giraffe and in the other bag, band aids, triple antibiotic, Vitamins and 2 disposable camera's for the care givers to take pictures until we travel (Thanks Shelia). We arranged it that the men going from Sioux Center to visit Marcus. Trokon has been so accommodating helping us, and volunteering to help in any way!! God's hand is in this! Praise God!! Trokon said they are able to take pictures and some video!!

Our Boys are getting so excited as we are getting closer! Ben is starting to get woost (dutch word) waiting for the day! I think we all are woost we just handle our emotions differently!
I got most of our Visa's ready to send, just waiting on 1 document (3, 1 for each of us going) from the Dr's office.
Our case in Liberia is in probate court, and we are getting closer!! :) We are really thinking Marcus will be home by the end of January!! Yet, you don't want to set yourself up for any disappointment!
It is getting COLD outside. Poor Mark working outside is so had on him. Beau's ears are well, he said he is hearing so much more! He actually ran a bit yesterday! First time since his surgery so that is a blessing!
Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week! This year has been a year of great blessing's! Seeing how God has led our family, and blessed us with so much!
As I close, check out the Peet Family's blog on my sidebar, they took a picture of what they call a toilet in Liberia! YIKES, I am going to need to learn how squat really good, or, not there are not enough Clorox wipes, Lysol, in the world to clean that humdinger up! Oh, it is going to be something over there!!
Prayer Requests:
*Bridge of Hope Church: those traveling to Liberia, and the Wives that stayed back with the children.
* Marucs-recovering from malaria, again!
*Those battling cancer
*Bradyn-home with a bad headache (must be going through school)
*Trokon, and those involved with our case in Liberia
*Those missing loved ones this Thanksgiving season!
* Patience- as we wait
*Adoptive Families- also waiting
* Orphans around the world, waiting for homes!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are continually in our prayers! It is exciting that the time is coming near. We will continue to pray for your family and that Marcus can remain healthy, and that he feels God's love working through this adoption process. We also pray for your kids as they prepare for the adjustment of another brother :) God Bless You!!!!
Tim, Kristi and girls