Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marcus in Liberia

We are thrilled today, we talked on the phone to Pastor Aaron, from Sioux Center, who is in Liberia right now.
Friday, Nick and Pastor Aaron went to the orphanage and met Marcus, Mother Wleh (the Lady of the Orphanage) and a bunch of children. We tried contacting Nick, and Pastor Aaron, but could not get through. Nick and Pastor Aaron's wives both called, and said Marcus was sick.

Yesterday, (Sat) Aaron, went to the orphanage again after arranging a Dr appointment, Marcus has malaria again. I need to get up to snuff on malaria! They got medicine for him, and tomorrow Aaron has to get some different cough medicine for him.

He said, Marcus was very shy and scared at first, recognizing he was white and the Dr's are white. After a while he warmed up, Aaron said Marcus is adorable! Aaron said every where he goes, the people want to touch his skin. Marcus just felt his skin also. The picture book we send all the children crowded around and just looked at the pictures. Marcus does not talk to much, when Aaron left Marcus did give a high five! Aaron took about 15 pictures and a video of Marcus and Mother Wleh!

He said Marcus has some kind of diaper, so that means another one to potty train!

Tomorrow Aaron is meeting some high officials in the Embassy, to talk about adoptions. So this is a step in the right directions for all adoptions in Liberia.

This whole journey we've been on has just been one of faith. Faith led us to a Christian Adoption Agency, Faith to go with Liberia, not knowing anyone who has gone this direction. Who would of suspected 3 Godly men to go to Liberia on a mission trip, who ends up being 2-3 miles from Marcus orphanage. Where God has laid it on a man's heart, Trokon, to help children find christian homes! Trokon has now met more men striving to bring homes to these children. Wow our God is AWESOME!!

On a sad note, I would appreciate prayers for my cousin's son who died after a car accident this weekend, Jon was 24, and the kind of guy who always went out of his way to say hi and cared for others. He is leaving behind Dad, Mom, 3 sisters,2 brother in laws, 2 nieces, and a nephew who just love him. Our families just celebrated Thanksgiving together last Sunday! To say good bye, is just so hard to do!
We praise God that he is not suffering and is in Heaven.

Thanks for your prayers, Thanks for caring, and Thanks be to God, for blessing us all each day, and loving us when we can be so unlovable!


Carey said...

How AWESOME that you have someone else looking out for Marcus while he's sick. Praise God!! And pictures and video...yippee!!

Praying for the family...

Anonymous said...

Truely amazing. What a small world. Thinking of you all and praying for health for Marcus.
Prayers also in the loss of your cousin, may you all fill Gods comfort during this time. stacy