Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prayer and Petition

As we wait, I hear in Liberia this process is proceeding. Which is great news! Not to be picky, but it sure would make my day if our I171's would just magically appear today or this week!

DH received his first gift the other day for our little guy.... A diaper/man bag!
Chicago Bears Bag!
We have an appointment next week to get our vaccines for the trip. Yellow Fever, Typhoid.
Make sure we are up to date with our tetanus, mmr and finish our hep AB. We all have to get the flu shot yet too! Last but not least, prescription for malaria meds!

As a family we need to decide if we should take our oldest son along! That is IF we travel before the new semester at school. Of all the thinks to worry about, traveling to Liberia and when we would go? What a thought! Beau is a sophomore in High School, has Show Choir, but no competitions until the new year! At least he could manage to missed a few practices of show choir. What B would see in Liberia would be a trip of a lifetime, also for him to see where Marcus started his life, and we feel it would be something he can apply to his life in the future! School policy is you can only miss so many days of class. Of course the knee surgery the first week of school put him at risk right away! If only we could of arranged it before school, yet we wanted a certain orthopedic surgeon to do it! Ugh! If we travel before the semester ends, (which would be absolutely amazing!) he would have to sit detention for every hour of class he misses. Do we go ahead and get the shots next week for him, or just wait and see, when we travel and if he can make an appointment than!
Friday night our High School Football team won, in the cold, rainy weather. Beau has been so good at just standing on the sidelines of every game, with crutches the first 6 weeks, and now cheering his team mates on! Tomorrow night the Nighthawks travel to Eagle Grove, a 3 hour trip! We get out of school early tomorrow, and late start on Thursday! GO NIGHTHAWKS!!
Today is dance day! Friday night we went with the dance girls and moms to see High School Musical 3! What a packed theatre of girls, and talk about how hot it was in that place!
Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


Carey said...

Prayin' that I171 home!! And come on with the school, you've talked with them personally and they'll still make him sit in detention??? I'd make a fuss. He'll learn far more in Liberia than he ever would sitting those hours in school. Sheesh. There, I'm off my soap box now! =)

Heather said...

I gotta agree with Carey -- a few days in Liberia is the educational experience of a LIFETIME! And I ditto the "sheesh" too. ;)

We took our 9-year-old with us to Guatemala and with all the travel preparations we were faced with, it was by far the best decision we made. Beyond the fact that it impacted his life in an incredible way, our son was also like a bridge between us and Jett that first day when Jett was really struggling with the transition. He was unsure of Joe and me, but he adored Ty! And as he saw Ty snuggle with us (yes, our big 9-year-old is still a Mama's Boy) and show affection to us, Jett began mimicking him. I think he allowed himself to trust us indirectly through Ty.

If you have more questions or concerns about this topic, please feel free to email anytime! I love following your blog, Kristi, and am so excited for the day VV5 comes home. :)