Monday, October 20, 2008

Liberian Court, here comes Trokon! :)

This is a huge week for us and the Gentlemen working for us in Liberia!
Trokon, and the children at the Orphanage!
Trokon, and another gentleman, Larmouth are getting papers together and going
to court! :) We have been emailing each other, and I would love it if all my readers couldalso pray for these 2 men! Prayer is so important, and to reach out to those around the world! Mark and I can not wait to give this man a great big Iowa hug!!

Rice arriving, look how happy the children are!

As we anticipate going to Liberia, I asked Trokon, "what is needed in the orphanages?" Of course I was thinking activities for the children. I wrote that I picked up some soccer balls to take over. He replied, "food and medical supplies!" Although I am going to take some undies for the little guy running around with out a pant on! :) I am in awe of how we are so blessed, food of abundance, medical clinics, a new one in Sioux Center for those who can not afford it, and materialistic stuff. I am not sure how to go about getting medical supplies to take over there. Any suggestions, please comment! Trying to stay calm, in regarding our I-171a. We need that to arrive to finalize some paper work in Liberia.

As for a name for Marcus, we are going to name him
Blake Marcus on his BC, we will see how attatched he is to Marcus and go from there!

When we pray, B4, prays "Lord be with Mickus, Marcus or Blake, whatever his name is just bring my brother home!" I do like Marcus, and so does hubby! Wonder why? :)


Carey said...

Yipee!! Praying praying your I171 home! B4 gave me a good laugh with her prayer. Oh out of the mouths of babes.

team gesink said...

What awesome news!! Love the pictures! We would love to provide the undies for that little one too! Let us know what you need and we would love to send some supplies over with you!! God bless and praying for that paper work to fly through!! The Gesinks