Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Waiting Game

At our home, we (the boys) tend to get a bit excited waiting for certain Indy Car Races, Chicago Bear/Cincinnati Bengal Football game, and when the Yankees are doing well, baseball game. The topic at the dinner table tonight was who was racing next year with IRL, and what a line up of stuff to watch Sunday afternoon. It is so nice to be able to visualize when it is going to happen. With this adoption process, we tend to be so careful of visualizing anything quite yet. The bedroom upstairs is collecting some dust, (OK, a lot of dust) a bag of boy clothes from my sister sits in the doorway. The Liberian government is still putting their stuff together to officially start the adoption process again, so many of us are waiting to move ahead.
We will plan our Family vacation after Christmas, that M will not be traveling with us to the Florida beaches. But just maybe, it will be a Christmas of surprises. :)

Friday Night was the 1st Varsity Football Game for our High School, I felt so bad for B1, standing on his crutches the whole evening while his buddies suited up.. The good news is only 4 more weeks left on them! :)
B2 is having some bumps and bruises from JH football. We are so excited to see him play!

B3 is excited to start band :), he is going to try his luck at trumpet. B1 has his beginner one. I can't wait to hear that thing again! :(
B4 started dance yesterday, oh was she so excited to see her little friends. Although us Dance Mom's have developed such a great friendship! They are the best ladies to sit and talk, encourage and laugh with!

This past weekend we attended a wedding in Sioux Falls, and hit Life Light! My dear friend was camping and somehow found a gentleman to drive B1 in the golf cart to our spot in the grass! Micheal W Smith was great!
Sunday we decided (after the Indy Race) to head back to SFalls to hear Natalie Grant and Casting Crowns! Wow, Casting Crowns was awesome!! It is so evident how God was so present, with all those people praising God together, praying and singing songs!
We pulled into the Holiday Inn Express at 12:30am. DH was up at 7am, we all slept till 9:00am. Went to Perkins! Perfect day!:)

Tuesday morning I thought B1 had an appointment with his surgeon at 9am, of course in SFalls again, to our surprise, maybe we surprised the receptionist more, his appointment is tomorrow Thursday! So a trip to SFalls, considered a quick trip up and back! Ugh!
We want to Congratulate a couple in Katelyn's Fund who received a phone call Monday am, with the addition of a precious little boy! We are so thrilled for them!!
Children are a blessing from the Lord!
We are still waiting for our I700 to come in the mail! :)
Have a great week!

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