Friday, August 29, 2008

Fabulous Friday

The week has flown by, not if you ask our 15 year old on crutches! I feel so bad for this kid, I have made his favorite crunchy top brownies, spaghetti and whatever I can think of the make his day! Tonight is the first varsity football game and if he can manage to stand on 1 foot with crutches I will be amazed! It would look so weird if he sat in a lawn chair on the side lines, so I am sure he will tough it out!
B3 has managed to talk his way into having 2 friends over night. So it should be a night of wildness!
B2 has been learning a lot of football lingo, after practice he is telling me about full back, linebacker, running backs and how the drills run, and how they tackle each other. I always wanted to try all that gear on in high school! I would like to try it someday. I think I would look like the Chicago bears, the fridge, I can't remember his name? It is so fun watching DH, B1 and B2 talk about football moves!
B4 wakes up every morning asking when is the bus coming. She loves school, but enjoys "joking" me. I was curious how a teacher is on vacation the 2nd week of school. The teacher wrote back and said "B4 said she was joking You". I guess after 3 older brothers you gain a bit of humor!?
We got our official referral letter in the mail yesterday. Although we are waiting for New Horizons to get officially licenced in Liberia. With the Holiday this weekend not much will move in the postal system. We have a little photo album, blanket book, and a blanket for M!
So ask we head into Labor Day, : pray for safety for all those traveling!
: pray for our Agency to get licensed in Liberia!
: pray that our little guy is growing, feeling better!
: all adoptive families who are waiting, and waiting!
: our I600a's paperwork to turn into I700 in the mail!
: healing and patience for B1 knee
Thank you for checking in and especially for your prayers! God hears our prayers!

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