Thursday, August 14, 2008

What do you all do?

Through out this whole journey, you have read, researched and prayed about how, what and not to do while on this journey!
Patience- you need SO much of this, I wish you could get some at WalMart, shucks I'd drive to Target to get some. Of course I know patience is prayer!
Paper work- does this ever stop? I thought I could be so organized, have everything photo copied- arranged in order so I could go back, pull it up and whammo there it is. I know this is hard to complete when you have 4 kids, well all of us are a bit dis-organized! Maybe when school starts I can power organize!?
Not get attached to a picture! Yeah right! You just look into those brown sad eyes, yup hooked! I do remember looking in someones eyes, oh lets say 19 years ago and getting hooked also!:)
Guard your heart! Wow, it is so hard not to try to hurry along this process and not get your heart involved! I know I get to involved with those who need help! I see people hurt, and my heart breaks for them! I pray for them, send a card, maybe a pizza ranch coupon, just to make their day!
Mail Service- What the world, at the beginning of our journey for our Adam Walsh's, we needed to send fingerprints for the state of Iowa. DH and I had them done before the end of the year, so while on vacation, they would be processed and we wouldn't think about them. In the end our oldest(14 and older) had to be fingerprinted, go back the local department, priority mail them back to our Agency and it got stuck on the bottom of the crate! Eventually it did make it.
Yesterday we received our I600A papers back again, (*You need to have cashier checks, did that the 2nd time)WOOHOOO, finally I thought we had it right, but they did not receive our birth certificate, marriage license? Hmmm, how does that happen? They received the money, but not documents? Also they wanted our home study, which our Agency sent July 20. So what do we do? Run to Orange City, pay to get another copy of our marriage license, birth certificates?
DR./Passports-yesterday our Oldest Son needed to see Dr. Looby for a knee injury. Yes, surgery next Friday! I thought lets get this passport done for him since I was driving all over, oh yeah, you need both parents present to get that done! So, now we need to find a time that DH can take off and get that done. Oldest son is thinking and praying whether to go along to Liberia, if that happens!??
Family- not all family is so "intuned" with what is going on. I just pray that when/if this all happens, they can find it in their heart to love this child of God! I praise God for my family that is so supportive of us! God Bless YOU :)!

I know in my heart God is along the side of us, doing His will at all times. I know of 2 couples who have waited and waited to go to Guatemala, and Russia to travel to pick up their precious boys. Congratulations!! Prayers are answered in God's time!

So as we wait....we ask for prayers:
*we still are praying that the medical report suddenly shows up!
*School starts next Tuesday. I guess it is time, when every double A battery is disappearing from all working devices!
*Oldest Son's knee repair surgery next Friday, we pray it is just a scope and that the Dr. does not have to drill in his bone to promote new growth!
*DH's uncle is back in Iowa City b/c of bladder cancer!
*Our Pastor is back! Yeah!
*A gal from our area is in the hospital with ecoli! Pray for kidneys to start working!
*Those traveling to get their babies/boys!
*We have so much to be thankful for! Great weather, the crops look awesome, and most of all our Loving God who loves us unconditionally!
*I just love this spell check!:)
God Bless you all as you ready our crazy journal!
I'm not sure if this is real entertainment or you could all be laughing at how strange we are?


Jeanie said...

Not laughing at all we find it very exciting to be able to follow you and your family on your awesome journey. We will be sure to keep your oldest in our prayers as he gets ready for his knee surgery, I hope all goes well!!

P.S. There's a certain someone by me that is VERY upset with your oldest for quitting band - she said she needs to have a little talk with that boy:)

pamela said...

Just read your comment on the I-600a and the cashier's check. Ugh... I quess we will be getting that back.