Friday, August 15, 2008

We got the Medical Report!

Yesterday was a day I thought, "may as well take off and spend some time at a hotel, see a chick flick with Princess, Dh come up after work to take the boys go carting, go out to eat and sleep where someone made the bed!" Quickie Vacation! Only 1 hour away, but managed to get some errands taken care of.

I feel like a stalker, checking my email's for any update on little M. It really starts to consume your day. So of course when I just let go and let God worry about everything, I check my email in between Shawn Johnson on the floor exercise, and hokey petes, to my surprise...
bingo there it was!
Medical Report, did you know there is a John F Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia, Liberia. I am so surprised how brief it was. It said little M had a diagnosis of a normal healthy child. How can a child go from being so sick with malaria to being normal and healthy in one sentence?? I sent the results to a pediatrician in Sioux Falls, and we will see he says. Maybe you know something we should be asking, checking for? Please send some information to us. We are the first to admit, we aren't the smartest couple in Iowa or in the area!

I don't know about you, but I sure am having fun watching the Olympics! Wow, does it kick my butt trying to stay awake, and than oh, how I could use a nap!

If you got time check out a very special couple who are meeting they're little ones in Ethiopia on the sidebar of our blog! :) We are so thrilled for their family!!

Have a super weekend, thanks for checking up on us, and especially praying for us and our Journey!

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