Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday to my Dad/Grandpa Kenny!
Last night we went to SC, for BLT's, and a quick party for Grandpa's Birthday which is Wednesday. It was nice all us sister's were home as well and all the cousins were there to take pictures! My oldest nephew is 18 and the youngest is 2. After having all daughters my dad is pretty proud of having 6 going on 7 grandsons! The 3 grand-daughters are so special to him! My dad is such an awesome Grandpa to all the kids! He loves to go to ballgames, school activities and to talk about the Yankees or the Bears! Watching him play ball or sit in a chair with the little ones. What a blessing he is to us all. God is good! Sorry I didn't add Oliver, my sister's dog/child.

Grandma and the Girls!

As you can see in the picture of P with his broken leg. We had a great time signing all our names to his cast. Of course P thinks he is a Red Sox's fan, we had to put Yankees are #1 on it, but he tried to scribble it out! My parents are off to Minnesota to watch the Twins and Yankees tonight.

We would loved to go with, but we have football practice started for Son #1. He has an appointment in Sioux Falls on Wednesday am, to find out what to do with a torn meniscus, and a small fracture on the side of the knee. This sore knee is keeping him from football practice and working.
Tonight our prayer request for the week is, for the medical report to come via email! We want to send it on to our Pediatrician in SFalls, and the Adoption Specialist up in the cities. This is what we need to move along.
Also prayers for some family members who are not really accepting the fact we are going to adopt a child! I know it is hard for us not to be so excited about this adoption. Showing pictures, talking about what is going on is on our mind and especially knowing that our family and friends are praying for M in Liberia and all who are with him and the process to keep going. ("speed up"?)
I gave my family magnet frames with M's picture in it for the fridge, so they remember to pray for this little guy every time they open the fridge!
Our SW is on a needed vacation, so I hope she is having an relaxing time with her family! I am not expecting to hear from her all week, just maybe we might get that medical review.

As you can tell I am not a writer or a poet, just keeping track of how this process goes, and for our family and friends to keep up on what is happening.
God Bless You All, and to those traveling soon, we are so thrilled for you and pray for your safety!!:)

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