Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to a Little Boy in Liberia!!

Today is a very special day for a little boy in Liberia! We took some pictures to send via-Email to Trokon this wonderful man who is working on that end of the world!! This morning we made some sign's of course the little girl here had to put she loves him!

We did find out M is feeling better. Praise God! We got an adorable picture yesterday, little M got a haircut. DH pointed out to me how it feels to have someone else cut our children's hair. I have a salon in the house, which has become a hobby. Maybe, just maybe I might get to cut his hair soon! Not going to get to excited, it's going to be a bit.
The government over in Liberia is still working on some details with the adoptions. If we could all pray for the Liberian government, so the little ones over there will be able to go to the families who are all desperately waiting to get word when to travel!
Speaking of traveling, a family we know well is getting ready to go to Ethiopia to pick up their twins! We are so thrilled they are leaving on the 13Th!
DH and I were talking the other day, we sent off all our paper work off year ago! Not sure of where God was going to guide us on this journey!
It has been a good week, with tons of blessings, my nephew broke his leg and is in a cast and it is Birthday after Birthday in this month!
Have a blessed Sunday!
Thanks for checking in and most of all praying for us!!

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