Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better to Give than Recieve

Good Morning,

As I read a devotional this morning, it talks about giving and recieving:


Do you find yourself running to the cupboard thinking of what you have or should do if someone is in of need? I tend to whip up a quick meal for someone in need, I love to send a card to those who need a pick me up! I enjoy getting flowers also for those who need some sunshine in their lives! To see their smile on their face is worth so much!
Through this adoption process I have learned Pizza Ranch has awesome coupons our Youth Group sold. (hope they do it soon, I am running low)
I know I can let things go in the house, make my bed, fold clothes, and such, but I can't take a clean house to heaven with me. I know in my heart how good it feels to do something for others.
I really needed to read this today. Not that I needed to bring a meal away to someone.

As our family is pressing forward to bring this little boy to "home", I know that some "people" think we are nuts for doing this. This is what God requires of us. I learned that in calvenettes (GEMS)how many years ago,

To do Justice, Love Kindness and to Walk Humbly with Our God! Micah 6:8

Have a Blessed Day!

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Greta said...

Thanks for sharing that . . . and I like the new look!