Monday, July 21, 2008


Her we are, Monday...many blessings this past week,
* Friends from church traveled many hours and are about to meet their son for the 1st time today! First Grandchild for both set of grandparents! Wow!!
*Pastor Mark and Family had safe travels from their Sabbatical and are home!
*Friends/Relatives have received Birth Certificates from Ethiopia on their twins!
*Wonderful rain
God is so good!
Talked to our SW, as well as emailing lots of questions. Our documents are in the mail to Liberia. The agency uses DHL to send, I know I have seen the truck, but have no idea what exactly how it works. Obviously it is dependable and will get where it is suppose to. It is very expensive, a bit over $100.00 to send those documents.

These are some pictures of our house over the weekend!

Our niece babysitting, or is it having fun flying over the couch? Time to move furniture!

While the boys are at work, they found a new "pet" running through town!

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