Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot Summer Days!

There are many things you learn when you adopt! I know there is tons of paper work, your past dumb things you did in high school does catch up to you, your reference letters are very important, people are funny when they say "your adopting?", "Why"?. Now I am finding all different web sites that help you along the way. Yesterday I did receive my I600A's back. I now know you can only get a cashiers or money order from your bank, not the bank that is in your little town. But we got it done! We have not heard anything this week. I did pick up some boys clothes at Kohl's for the orphanage. I was going to send them, but the SW said just to bring them.
Just got a phone call from the SW and I quickly gathered the paper work for our dossier for Ethiopia(we thought we were going that route when the Liberia presented itself!) so I sent those off to Blue Earth! Another inch forward!! Yipee! So hopefully & prayerfully that is a good sign!
It has been a hot and humid week. We could use some rain. It is something to see how the corn and beans are growing in our back yard!
We are totally done with baseball. The 2 boys had Father Son Baseball Games:

DH had a very hot day pouring concrete and than 2 games of baseball! It is so much fun watching the boys play against the dads. The dads usually bat left handed in the 4th Grade level. The 6th Grade dads tried to have a bit more competition.

Yesterday we again remember why we put a pool in the back yard! Wow how refreshing on a hot day! Mowing under the tramp provided some entertainment with bunnies.

Our Pastor and his Family are heading home this weekend from their Sabbatical. They are know touring the Netherlands! We are excited to have them back home!

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