Friday, July 25, 2008


Here it is Friday, and our oldest is off to the Rocky Mountains with the youth group.

DH and I went 15 years ago with the youth group! It is so much fun to praise the Lord with all those young kids! I should find the old time pictures, with the other sponsors and Pastor Brad & Karla!

It is such a blessing for our Family to have extended Family in our Church. Son#1, Roo and A all left last night at 8:00pm. The group is at Estes Park and probably has or is White water rafting!

"This will be fun!"
Yesterday I went shopping and just when you don't think you'll hear anything, our SW called and said that M was going to go to the hospital and have all the tests done for us to formally accept his referral. The poor little boy was in for a not such a good day. M's birthday is coming up and we are going to put together a little something, I figure it costs $90.00 to fill up the burban and going all the way to Liberia would take a few fill ups anyway! But we first need to find out where to send it? It will be worth it, send some luvin to that little guy!!!

It is so cute to hear and see the faith of little ones. Princess prays every night for her "brother to come home soon"! We are praying that we can celebrate soon, with other family's that are getting ready to bring their children home too! But for now, we will sit and pray!

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