Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys will be Boys!

Son #1 just got back from Rocky Mountain High a bit ago. Home feels so much better when you have all under 1 roof. He had a wonderful experience, and saw many lives change because of God's great love for us, most of all Jesus taking away all our sins!
Sunday night we had DH's cousin lead our church service. Dave & Jody are leading a conference in Okoboji coming up. Son #2 and #3 had great fun with their son Sunday after the church service. Monday night we met at a Pizza Ranch and took "R" home with us. Wow, can boys have fun! "R" is so much like our 2 it is scary! I think Dave and Jody better come more often to Iowa to see the "wild life" we have in our cattle yards down the road from us.
Of course our 2 decided they better get their beds from upstairs to downstairs, learning if you stack the mattresses carefully on the stairs you get a great slide! (with a lot of pillows at the bottom of the steps!) Whew, no broken bones, few carpet burns and a dolphin deflated with tons of giggles!
Monday we heard from the Liberia that they were processing some medical stuff. We are waiting for our I600A's to get our finger prints taken. God is guiding us while we pray for that little guy. Our arms are starting to ache to hold him in our arms! Let's pray for earth moving great news soon!!!!
Have a great weekend!

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