Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day!

Happy "late" Mother's Day!
What a gorgeous day yesterday was! Sunny and barely no wind!
We all went to church, had a wonderful service. Our Pastor last Sunday until August! Pastor M. will start 3 month Sabbatical tomorrow. The Family is leaving the beginning of June, going to visit Missionaries from our Church. We ask you pray for Our Pastor and his Family as they venture out to all different parts of the world. What an opportunity! Please pray for Our Church also as we have different Pastors throughout the next 3 months.

Than we went to my Mom and had lunch. It was good to see my sister and her family from S.City and Jules from S.Falls. It is so fun to see how the niece and nephews change. Nephew #2 will be going to our church's vacation bible school with the boys. Our Princess is unable to go because she misses the deadline by 2 days. But we will celebrate the 1st day of VBS with her 5th Birthday!

We than all took off to "the other Princess's" graduation party. What a great time. The weather turned out to be perfect for the day. It is so good to see how God works in ones life. Had lots of food! We even got to take cake home! :)

Adoption update.....after much prayer and listening to God's silent nudges, we feel international is not an option right now. We sent our profile book(s) for Birth Mom's to look at. So we are on the list for a domestic adoption. So we need to start thinking of diapers, new crib and all that fun stuff again. There is a need for us to stand up and fill in where God feels we are needed and this is it. Yesterday we had baptism is church and what joy it will be for our family to be able to bring another baby to be baptized! So we will keep you posted!

Today Son#3 is at the Omaha Zoo with his class! What fun, sure hope they had a great day! Tonight is our last Love & Logic Class. DH has a consistory meeting, so I will be going alone. Hopefully it is quick. It is the last "The Bachelor".

Thanks for your prayers and checking up on us!

God Bless You all!

~Congrats to my cousin who accepted the Pastor call in Indianapolis! May God richly Bless you all as you bring the word of God to them! Also on the Baby news! ~ Grandma & Grandpa K would be so proud!

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