Friday, May 16, 2008

Dance Princess

Good Morning, the sun is shining and not much wind! A gorgeous day!

I had to post a picture we just back yesterday!
What a little lady! If she only knew she has to have another set (3rd) of tubes and her tonsils and adenoids taken out next week. This is all before her 5Th Birthday and the dance recital.
Son #1 had them out when he was 3, and my 3 sisters also did. So she will get tons of sympathy.
We are heading to Tulip Time this afternoon. My best friend Laura is coming from Pella to watch her girls march in the parade! So some serious girl friend time today!
Less than 8 days of school left, and it is "Baseball" Season here! Can't wait, I love watching the boys do something they love!
Good luck to Roo and her friends at the High School State track meet! Yesterday they qualified for the finals! The girls run 3 times today again, so keep our fingers crossed and say a prayer they do there best. The weather is perfect for some time breaking times!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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