Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

This is a weekend full of Memories!
First of all Happy 18Th Anniversary to my DH! What a ride we have beenon since we got married. I love you more and more each year! I think we are just getting use to eachother! :) Just like 18 years ago, you will find DH, calculating who is going to win the Indy 500!
Just like our honeymoon in good old Bronson, MO- watching is a must! 18 years later I have 3 more cheering and talking about all the Drivers!
It is amazing how God has been with us every day of every minute! God's love pours over us immensely!
Princess's tonsils, adenoids are out and tubes in the ears. Poor kid dislikes taking medicine, so we used every phone call to the Big Brother to Auntie P coming over to help her take it.
Went to watch my Nephew JJ graduate from High School, I still see that sweet little boy in that 18 year old! I would post a picture but he would be so embarrassed!
Today Princess and I had stayed home as the DH and the Boys went to R.Rapids for potluck!
This week should be some news on the plan God has in store for us! We have been googling Liberia, trying to find out all about the country. We have to keep in mind, what all could happen in a snap of a second! So as we continue to pray that God leads us, protects us and be patient with us. Time will tell!
The boys will finish out there school year on Wednesday, and than let the games begin!
Have a Blessed Week, and remember to say a prayer for those who are serving in the Military all over the world!
God's Blessing's~

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