Friday, May 23, 2008

Crazy Week

Today the little princess is no longer one with her tonsils and adenoids! In fact she gained a set of tubes in her ears. This poor kid has had 3 sets of tubes, clogged tear duct and so she had to have an eye stint and now tonsils and adenoids removed. Whew, a lot for a just about 5 year old. If only she was a medicine taker. Could be a very long night!

Last night my Nephew had his graduation party. Can't believe my "first" nephew is 18 and now done with high school. We all grew up with him, teaching him all sorts of stuff!

Well, we did receive good news with the adoption process we were shocked when our SW called, we did call the SW back and tell her to move ahead! We told our family, about a little guy that lives a LONG ways from here! We just ask for prayers for Our Agency that the proper paper work goes through, that nothing gets dropped because of government or you never know. So we are praying that God's will be done! I can say one thing, he is adorable!
And we are too excited!

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Ryan, Heidi, & Aniah De Kruyf said...

Praying for you guys often. May the Lord show you His will in your lives!!! God Bless!!!