Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Can It Be?

How can it really be 7 years?
7 Years waiting!
7 Years of updating paper work!
7 Years of waiting on God's timing!
7 Years of loving this little boy, our son!
7 Years of God Blessing us with his smile!
7 Years of seeing God hand in protecting our son!
7 Years of knowing God is in control!

 Yes there has been 7 years of tears.
 Yes, frustration, longing to hug and share our family life.
 Yes, we will continue to wait!
 Yes, we Praise God!

 Yes we are SO thankful for the wonderful, loving, caring, christian home he is in! 

God hears our prayers and HE has answered them!
 Until then, we wait, pray and love our beautiful little guy, miles away!!

7 years ago when we agreed to move forward, never in our wildest dreams would 
we imagine that we would have met so many beautiful Liberians and 
others who share the love for Liberia and adoption.  This journey
has taught us that God is Love no matter if your in the states or out of the country!

Praying for ALL the little ones waiting for their forever home!

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