Friday, July 20, 2012

A Visit with "Auntie"

Last week we heard from MS, and tried to arrange a visit.  Hard to do when youth trips from church where coming up and football starts August 1.  We decided on Wednesday we where taking off to Memphis on Friday morning to meet Brody's "Aunt" and "cousin". It was important to Mark and I that we had all the kids with a 12 hour drive a head of us.

We finally pulled up to Southaven, MS around 9:45pm!  This is where we stopped before heading home, so it was a good feeling this time knowing Brody is our little guy!
Auntie was anxiously waiting, and was amazed how big Brody was. We talked for a bit, and than we snuggled Brody and all us hit the bed! What a long ride, but it went surprisingly  well!
 The next morning we ate breakfast and had some time with Auntie and Samantha.

We went to the Memphis Zoo, it was hot and muggie!  It was so good to see the characteristics that Brody has and to know whos hands, feet, smile, hair line are like!! Auntie did well, she enjoyed watching Brody play and inter act with his siblings.  Brody was unsure about her and was more concerned about "play with Brynn".

Memphis Zoo

 Looking at the swans!

 Brynn and Brody running in the green grass....our grass is all brown, we need rain!

Brody and Beau!

Cool Panda Bear!

Bradyn being silly!
Brynn and Samantha fed the Giraffe!

Feeding the Giraffe!

Brody so excited he fed the Giraffe!
The Giraffes where so up close and loved the lettuce leaves!
Brody and Dad

Just love Our Sons!

God has blessed us with an amazing gift, and we pray daily for Brody's Aunt and sweet Samantha!!
 We are so fortunate to be blessed with a strong foundation of God's word, a strong family values, and unconditional love!!

We are not sure if or when we will visit again, right now we are going to send cd's with pictures and pray that God will guide and protect Auntie! Life is not easy for Auntie, we live in the same time zone, 18 hours apart, but life is different for her. She loves Brody and we are thankful she chose us to raise and love this little boy we are so in love with!!
 When we left early Sunday morning we sat with Auntie for  a bit, and we said, "See Ya" and we left. So much better than the last time, it tore my heart walking away with our bundle of love, this time, it felt right. Brody is our Son, and God blessed us immensely!
  This Bible verse that has guided our Family since we sent our paper work in:
For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord," Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11  
Has this been an easy journey, no not at all....have we seen God's hand in it, absolutely!  Our hearts have been crushed, than they have been refilled.
Our prayer is for Auntie that God will fill her heart, and give her direction in life.

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