Monday, May 21, 2012

4 Years....

4 Years ago, our Family seen this picture!
4 Years ago, our hearts melted!
4 Years ago, we praised God for this little browned eyed boy!
4 Years ago, we prayed and asked for God to show us the way!
4 Years ago, we said YES!
4 Years ago, we cried with excitement!
4 Years ago, God led us on an adoption journey, 
not knowing God's plan, but trusting and praying HE will protect this beautiful Boy!
4 Years ago, we were told it should go quite quickly.
4 Years ago, we never imagined we would still be waiting.

Today: Our Family is praying that we will be able to meet, and Lord willing, bring him home to our household!
Today: Our hearts still melt!
Today: We Praise God for this 5 year old, bigger, browner eyed Boy!
Today: We seek God's guidance...where or what to do.
Today: We still say: YES
Today: We shed tears of not knowing!
Today: God is leading and protecting our hearts!
Today: Every adoption is a miracle!
Today: You have a little brother who will be over joyed to play with you!
Today: We celebrate YOU!

Today: We love You so much, and we think about you more than you know, praying you know Jesus, and that God Blesses you with peace and understanding of why Ma & Pa are not there getting you!! Praying you are healthy and having fun like every other 5 year old not worrying about where your next meal is coming from!!

1 comment:

Stan said...

Perhaps the lack if progress is a sign (from the lord) that this kid is not meant to be your son?? That you've willfully and wantonly chosen to disregard the inauspicious omens before you??

Or that the lack of progress is a total blessing in disguise-- you insist upon purchasing a kid (thereby supporting crime and corruption) but the lord is gracious enough not to let you complete the abomination???