Wednesday, February 2, 2011

going private for a bit....

Oh good grief, I can not seem to figure this out!! Our dear SW called and said I am not post any pictures of Brody, and I bet Marcus too!! Since we have not finalized Brody's adoption here in Iowa, we can no longer post pictures of him! :( Legally he is ours in the state of MS, but here in Iowa we can not finalize until 6 months after the last signature. Rather than take all his pictures off!  I am trying to find the correct way to go private so I do not have to delete the blog and looks everything!  So I will not be having anything on here until...April...Hopefully I will be able to keep blogging, so Brody will be able to have this journal of the journey of bringing him home to a family who loves him so much!! A journey where his "Aunt" loved him so much, she did what she felt was right for her!
The last few days have been snow was a high of zero today, that is not the wind chill!
I am gearing up for graduation for Beau, we are having so much fun looking at pictures!

So until April... I leave you with these prayer requests:

Marcus in Liberia.....pray for God to open the doors that we can show Christ's love for us, and for all those in Liberia.
R & J who are waiting, and waiting for the Guatemalan Government to let them come home to a family who have been waiting for 5 years...
Adoptive Parents who are waiting for the call!

God Bless You All!

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ManyBlessings said...

Thank-you for the prayers. I mean that.