Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 I think I finally got this all private for a while! If you know of someone who would like to catch up on our craziness, just have them email me!

  Heidi did call and set up a time for our last home study appointment! WooHoo! Since we did not get the last signature from Mississippi until Brody was over a month old, we can not finalize until April!  Brody is learning and growing.
   This is what is he is up too this past week:
~just about sits by himself
~loves baby food
~rolls side to side
~gets on all 4-crawling is not far away
~knows when he is going to get a bottle
~moved into his crib, and does know how to get Mom and Dad out of bed, cry loud enough for Brynn to come down and tell us, to "get Brody, he is keeping me awake with his crying. I think he should just stay ~down by you because he is keeping me awake!"
~is constantly looking around to see who is around
~loves Zoey(the dog)

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