Monday, November 22, 2010

A Wow Service!

Yesterday we had the privilege of going to a Katelyn's Fund Celebration. In honor of Orphan Sunday and 5 years of Katelyn's Fund, we had a WOW service! Stephanie Fast, shares her story of, being born in South Korea, being abandoned, abused, and survival as a child! She shared life as a child on the streets, trying to find her mother who put her on a train, food, shelter and a family! God spared her life, and brought her a family, and how she recovered from her life of of abandonment to being a child, who was adopted twice! Once by God and the other by her parents!! Brynn was listening because she asked me if she could be adopted twice!! If you have time, please check out her site!! God Bless You Stephanie!

Thank You Katelyn's Fund for the awesome service! It was wonderful to sit and talk to other family's who are also in the process of adopting and have adopted!!

Talked to 2 Family's who are traveling in the next week for their 1st trip to Ethiopia to see their beautiful little girls! So exciting to see their faces talk about the the little girls!

Bridge of Hope Church is in Liberia working with another Orphanage!! To see how churches are pulling together, making a difference in the lives of the children! Nick is going to go visit Marcus!! We are so excited, Marcus will learn he is a big brother! Sent a small little Ziploc baggie of pictures, Tylenol, band aids, ointments, outfit, and of course some new undies!

Prayer Requests:
~Terry & Brenda and Sons
~Brian & Natasha and Sons
~Rod & Dawn and Family waiting for Guatemala to process and unite a family who have been waiting for 5 years to bring home their children!
~Bridge of Hope Church has a group in Liberia, here is a link to their blog!
~Joni Byker as she prepares to fly back for Christmas
~Marcus :) Our sweet little boy in Liberia! Praying that someday God will open the doors of Liberia so you can join our Family!

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