Friday, August 6, 2010

Football Season...

Football just started with camps this week! It is hard to believe that we will be going to a 7th grade JHigh game, a Freshman game, and a Varsity! I do not understand the concept of football. I love baseball and know the game, but football no clue! So far Bradyn has a good bruise on his thigh! Beau and Benjamin go at the same time! Our boys are growing up! Here is a picture of the kids 4 years ago after one of Beau's freshman games. Mark enjoys this season so much, I on the other hand enjoy visiting other mom's!
Benjamin and Beau are both back from Power Connection and Jacksonville, Florida mission trip! Bradyn went to the Okoboji Bible Conference with Thomas! I am so grateful they got a chance this summer to experience life outside our house!(Good timing to miss out on the water!) This is a picture of Benjamin's power connection group!
Sunday Joni came to our church and did the children sermon! It was such a blessing to hear her speak on Operation Christmas Child! The shoe box ministry, Joni has the opportunity to be able to go and bring a gift to children who never get a gift! Most of all a chance to bring God's word into their hearts! I know Marcus received a box from the United Kingdom! How awesome is God to bring other countries together to bring the love of God to so many children!

Our area has been hit with too much rain! Needless to say... our basement as well as so many others who have never had water in the basement have water in the basement! Beau and Benjamin where both gone on church trips, so we had to pull carpet and through away all the pad! What a mess! My parents also had water which kept seeping in! Last night Mark and Shawn put a new hole for the sump pump in the basement to help stop the water from coming it! Here is a picture of water going over the road! I am just thankful our sewer did not come up like some poor family's!

I have been trying to capture pictures that explain our life to Marcus when he lives so far away. In Iowa you have to know how to eat corn on the cob, in fact Brynn mastered it with her front teeth out! They are just starting to come down, and she is so excited that she did manage to eat some this year!
Joni is heading back to Liberia...we packed a few things for Marcus and the others at the Orphanage! The basics such as band aids, vitamins, Tylenol, itch cream, pepto, pictures, some more pictures, clothes, underwear and Birthday wishes! Marcus turns 4 on the 9th! Found out the Orphanage has a dvd player! A family favorite is Toy Story so needless to say, Toy Story movie, new sheets, a small Buzz, and a Buzz Tshirt! I also packed Little Debbies snack cakes so Marcus can blow a candle and have cake! It is hard to believe this is our 3rd birthday with out him home! Praising God that Joni is able to bring birthday wishes and some fun to all those who are part of Marcus' life!! Joni, Thank You for being our Angel, and "Aunt" to Marcus! Our family's loves You for taking time for our little guy so far away! Most of all, for bringing God's love to all the children, women and men in Liberia!
It is going to be a crazy week up ahead! Preparing for school, football, and other stuff! This verse I need to remember this week!
Praying that God will bless you all!
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6
Thought I would leave you a picture of a typical day with Benjamin!
Praying for Family's who are waiting who are discouraged, and searching for answers! Our family begain this journey 4 years ago sending in our application...whoa what a journey. As we continue to wait for our precious boy in Liberia, God has a plan, and this next week...I just ask for prayers for peace, safe traveling and for God's love to show through our Family!
"May God, who gives this patience and encouragement, help you live in complete harmony with each other – each with the attitude of Christ Jesus toward the other." Romans 15:15

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