Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

Can you tell, these 2 are cousin's??
Beau and Kass showing how talented they really are!?

Grand March
A classmate parents' in Beau's class owns a business that makes these awesome vinyl signs. The class had fantastic, huge pictures hanging all over the gym. Made decorating so much easier! It was beautiful!

Brynn and her big brother Beau!

Benjamin, Beau, Mark and Bradyn
"The Boys" Brynn and I usually call them all!

Cousin's-Joseph, Kassidy and Beau
All had prom the same night!

Paula, Kassidy, Beau and Me
I think they both look stunning..Kass and Beau! :)
All I know is, after seeing how gorgeous all the girls looked, the dresses, hair, nails, oh and the shoes, the tux we rented, was A LOT cheaper than what the girl's parents paid! Beau had lots of fun, after prom is always a blast! Thanks to all the BH parents who did so much work, and those who donated to the After Prom, Thanks, the kids had a wonderful time, and the gifts are appreciated!

We are continuing to pray for Rod, Dawn and Family, as they have to say, see you soon to their..waiting kiddo's in Guatemala. Praying that the Guatemalan Government will sign the papers, so their family can be complete and all under one roof. Going on 5 years, is too long! I can not imagine how a mother and father's heart breaks, to leave them beautiful faces and hearts..
WE are keeping the faith with our little guy in Liberia..Praying that our case will be allowed to continued!!! WE serve a great big God, and He holds us in His Hands!!!

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