Friday, October 2, 2009


Usually around 4 it is very unlikely you see me sitting in front of the TV, but is a must!! I am so excited to watch Oprah today! Today some "blogger friends", who have adopted from Liberia and are also waiting to adopt Daniel, are going to be on!!! :)

I love reading my morning devotions, and today she will be on also!!


Nothing is better folding laundry with the date of Oprah!!!

Praying for ears to be open, and that those who can help make a difference, do it!

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hopefuloffive said...

I am so glad you had emailed about this. I watched and had major tears; how awesome to be able to "make Jesus famous" through the stories. What beautiful children too... so SO glad Oprah chose to have them on! There was no denying the work of the Holy Spirit after watching that!