Friday, July 10, 2009

What a way to end the week!

Last weekend we celebrated 4th of July with Mark's family reunion at Inspiration Hills. Mark's Grandmother was an identical twin. The sisters married brothers, on the same day and gave birth to their 1st child hours apart. The sisters always had the same outfit to the earrings on. This family had strong christian values with tons of humor.
At the reunion there was 600 relatives there, figuring they were missing 400. Whew, here is some pictures from part of the weekend!
Outdoor Church Service
Most of the relatives ended the celebration at Carmel Church (our church) where it all started. The evening service is usually a small crowd, but with all the Sandbulte's there, it was full. It was really moving afterwards, in the cemetery, there was a little white flag that represented a family member who passed away. There are 2 diseases that have taken special members home to live with Jesus. (Wescot Aldrich, and Huntington's diseases)
After church we had a fireworks display. It was awesome!

Talent Show....Grandpa sang with his grand (big)kids!


Today was the last day of our Baseball Season 2009! I love baseball and will miss sitting with other Mom's. Here are some pictures of the last week of ball!

This is Benjamin catching!

Brynn enjoying the game with her "friends"!

Beau had his last game the other night! He had a great season with the JV. The Varsity starts districts Saturday Night! Good Luck Nighthawks!
Poor Bradyn's last double header was rained out! He was so bummed! Here is his last game with his best summer buddies!

We have had lots of rain this week, with hail! I have see pictures of some big hail. I guess our niece Becky's back car window has a whole in it from hail!

Our family went to see the new Ice Age last night. Cute movie. It is more funny watching Mark and kids giggling! Oh, that Sid the sloth cracks us up!

Here is the nicest surprise we got today!

In November, Pastor Aaron, Nick and Troy brought a baggie of stuff for Marcus! This is the Christmas shirt! Marcus is going to preschool and is doing well! Praise God!! God is surely hearing our prayers. The other day I was talking at a ballgame(hard to imagine, huh?) and Carol said her sister is friends with a Liberian family from their church. Carol said this Liberian Mom is going back to Liberia for a visit! I asked if it was possible for the Liberian Mom to take a care package to Liberia, and try to get it to the Orphanage or Trokon! WOW, God is good! So this week I quickly put together a book of all pictures and lamented them, picked up new underwear, dum dum suckers, match box cars and 2 bottles of vitamins. I am also so excited because Cecilia has a little boy the same age as Marcus, just a few months younger! :) Mark No word on when Liberia will reopen. We are just so thankful for all the prayers for patience, peace and health for Marcus!

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