Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keeping Busy!

Thanks again for checking in on us! Mark thinks I am crazy to write anything on here, especially when we have nothing to write on Marcus. I tell him it feels good to type here, and tell others what our specific prayer requests are, and for my family/friends to see what has been happening in our lives!

These last few weeks, we have been finding ways to keep our minds off this adoption process. Don't get me wrong, our hearts are filled with love for Marcus, but this waiting does get to us! The not knowing is probably the hardest part!

Mark and I went on a quick weekend away with his brother and "sister"! (The "in-law" does not exist to me"!) We had a ball, ate too much, seen "The Price is Right" LasVegas style...The musical "Menopause", what a hoot!
"Look Laura, it is me and Barry!"

Outside of our hotel was Soul Weekend. The music was everything to rap to gospel! Vender's where selling all sorts of food! Had some great pound cake! I even had to the chance to buy some African clothing for when we go to Liberia! It is beautiful! This gentleman was from New York and has a clothing line! He was from Senegal, which I had to look up when we got home! I should find his business card and post it, if any of you would like to see his line!

Bradyn turned 11 on the 26th, the day we took off for the Black Hills. We had planned to leave at noon, due to rain, ice and snow, we left at 8:30am! We have had this trip planned for months, thinking we would take our little guy along, but hopefully next year!! Last year we started this tradition with Marlin & Paula and their Family. We stayed at a hotel last year and this year we rented a house together!

The house we all rented! It was so nice! We will try to stay there again!

Brynn happy to be out of the pickup! Look at the ice, and dirt on the pickup and trailer!

When we finally drove out of the snow and ice, we realized we could not drive to our place we rented! We had to load our stuff on the back of the snowmobiles, with sleds behind them!

On the way to our house we rented this is what we saw! This is only a few, times there where 15- 20 deer! The location was spectacular! It reminds us of God's beauty all around the world!
Driving the sleds with all our supplies to our house we rented!

Sledding down the driveway!

Getting ready for a day on the snowmobile!

Brynn was such a trooper, we went for 5 hours the 1st day, which it only got up to 13 degrees outside! Burrr!

The next 2 days we put over 175 miles on the sleds! The weather was absolutely perfect! What fun! We all did more giggling, and where just amazed at how beautiful and peaceful it is in the mountains!
Our Family

Some of the group manage to climb up to Custer's Peak! The pictures where just breathtaking!

<-Bradyn relaxing!

Benjamin enjoying the sunshine!->

<-Beau & Brynn

It was so good for me (us) to get away and take in family time!

Now it is good to get in the swing of things at home again!! I really am starting feel sad for wanting our little boy home! I know I have to give it to God! I know this is all God's plan, God's timing, yet I still ache for our little boy! I never dreamt that it would take this long! I sympathize with other parents/families who wait like us!! I can now relate, and pray some more!

Tomorrow I am going to help my sister get some wedding plans made! :)
This weekend we are meeting Julie's future Family! :) I am so thankful God has brought Jason into her life, she is so happy!!
Beau has a Show Choir competition Saturday am! Good Luck BHS!!
This morning this devotion hit home! It is going on the fridge door!!

Prayer Requests:

*Please pray for little Caleb! His Mommy is a friend of my family! They're family could really use some prayers! Caleb will be 1 in a couple of weeks and is in need of a kidney!! Caleb is just a miracle, God has such a plan for this little boy! He has touched many lives already in his short little life! We seen Caleb a bit ago! Love this little guy! If you have time, please pray for them, and you can check his caring bridge site!

*Today, families around the United States are praying Liberian Children home to their adoptive families! Join us!

*Today J & L are leaving for Ethiopia to pick up their son!! God Bless You with safety and tons of bonding love with your baby boy!! We are so excited for you! L's mom, was Mark's chears nurse, Our Angel, who lives in heaven! I am sure she is rejoicing for you both!!

*Prayer of praise for a family who have an embassy appointment to bring home siblings!!! Yeah!!

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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Heather said...

I can appreciate your need to "get away" for a bit. We did that a handful of times throughout our process and always returned spiritually invigorated and more focused on following God's lead.

Over a month has passed since Liberia's adoption announcement, so we pray it won't be long now until things can proceed with M's case! Know that we continue to walk beside your family.