Monday, March 9, 2009

A great prayer....

A dear friend had this on her Caring Bridge site, and it fits so perfectly with so many of us! Maybe we are having a down day, adopting, waiting for a phone call, sick baby, family, too many other issues, where do I stop.

In the midst of a whole lot of uncertainty, set your mind on the one certainty in life: God loves you and He is in control.

Dear Lord, thank You that in the midst of uncertain times, fearful times, and heart-aching times, You are the One I can be certain of. Thank You for being a Sure Thing, for now and always. Let my mind be filled with You, and then I will know Your peace which is supernatural. Lord, I pray that You will strengthen me in this trial, and during it, I ask that You will cause my heart and my mind to continue to turn to You. Lord, don't let this hard time cause me to be bitter or despairing. Instead, let me come out of it on the other side with a stronger trust in You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

This weekend went way too fast! Saturday am, we went to Emmetsburg to watch Beau's Show Choir! They received a 1! Yeah! They did a great job.
Saturday night we went to see where my little sister will be moving! Wow, what a great place, did I mention, she could watch all her nieces and nephews and still have an open bedroom! The house is huge! Great grove, place for animals, and a beautiful scenery! I am so excited for her. Although, us sisters are going to have to get handy with a paint brush!

Have a fantastic week!

Praying for Caleb....Families that are adopting....Praising God for our Family.....Families who are/have met their children through adoption.. God is good!

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